Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Shower for Michael

My sister Kathy was celebrating her first baby, Michael Floyd and of course I had to bring out all my creative juices for this shin-dig. I personally have no problem with balloons or streamers, but if you knew my sister, you would know that I had to think outside the box for this function. The first thing to tackle was the theme. I was working on Baby Michael's nursery around the time of the baby shower so it was obvious I had to find a way to tie in the shower with the alphabet theme. Unfortunately everything I came across was either mult-colored or too plain for my vision of this baby shower. During my initial research, these are the first few invitations I created:

After an unenthusiastic response, I kept the search...until I found the perfect invitation. If you haven't noticed yet, I have an obsession with the damask print and what a perfect wat to incorporate the alphabet than a set of blocks in the hand of the pregnant moda mom in a blue damask skirt. The final invites would set the tone for the brown and blue baby shower.

Store after store I searched for brown and blue baby items which would inspire my creative juices. Unfortunately, the season was filled with bright colors and summer inspired decor, so I had no choice but to create my design from scratch. To keep with the alphabet, I used gift wrapping paper to create blocks which spelled "Baby Boy." I utilized the blue and brown from the invitation and created a simple and classic design. This posh, yet understated baby shower theme represented my sister perfectly. I am so excited to introduce a new member to our family and Michael is blessed to have such a loving person as his mother. I am glad to pass off the motherly wisdom I was given for so many years to another.

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