Thursday, August 19, 2010

Addison's Room

For the time being, I switched design modes from party decor to bedroom decor.  My latest project is Addison's bedroom. When Addison's mom first told me that she wanted her room done, my initial thoughts were pink, pink, and a side of pink. It came to a big surprise when I met Addison and her color choices were blue and green. For those who know me, a girl's room without a hint of pink was non-existent in my book, so this was definitely a challenge. Luckily with retail shops over loaded with endless aisles of Back to School decor, we had a plenty of options to keep with our color scheme and still have a "girly" feel to the room. Once we decided on our wall paint, my favorite part of my job was next, shopping! Our first inspiration was none other than a blue lamp. Although the shade of blue was not the exact teal shade of blue we were looking for, the contrast was a perfect fit. We hunted for anything in a bright, teal blue color but, I found that combining different shades of blue tied the room together perfectly. During our shopping extravaganza, Addison seemed to have caught my pink fever and requested all things pink for her room. I couldn't be more happier with her pink item choices, and although the walls were covered in blue and green, the hints of pink completed the room perfectly. I had a great time with this project, and other than our blue paint dilemma, everything went smoothly. Thanks again Addison for giving me the opportunity of creating such a great blue and green girl's room.

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