Monday, February 21, 2011

A Jedi Sleeps Here...

   To state that our family are fans of Star Wars would be the understatement of the century. Granted I do not have a life size clone trooper in my living room, nor do I know the exact birth location of the famous Chewbacca, I do find myself over the moon when our son request to turn his room from Noah's Ark Nursery to Darth Vadar's Death Star. It was probably the most emotional experience I have had with parting from a paint color, but the arrival of my son's 5th birthday came faster than expected. The mural painted on my son's wall was an exact replica of his baby book and I couldn't have loved it more.

   Parting with the mural made me realize that everyone deserves to have a beautiful space that reflects themselves. Although my son was barely an embryo at the release of the last movie, Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, his knowledge of Star Wars was embedded early in his childhood. I could remember back on those long, sleepless nights when I dreaded hearing my husband attempting to silence our son by humming the Star Wars Anthem. It appears the love of all things Star Wars became hereditary and my son is possibly the only 4 year old who has watched an entire marathon of all six Star Wars movies without complaint. When brainstorming for this room design, nothing immediate jumped out to me when I attempted to create a kid friendly space from such an iconic theme. I began with attempting to utilize his favorite color in the room, aqua. I didn't want him assuming we would transform his room each time he obsessed over a new cartoon character so I created a color combination that could easily be a blank canvas for any theme he desired. The colors I decided on were acqua, navy, orange, gray, black, and white.

My first task at hand was to conceal his collection of toys, games, and books yet keep them easily accessible. This was accomplished by devoting an entire wall to storage space.

I have to give credit to my amazing husband who has a hidden talent of art who painted a great scenic window of a typical Star Wars Galaxy. Who wouldn't want to look out their window and see X-Wings and Tie Fighters? 

Although there is still a few touches I would like to incorporate to personalize the space, overall I feel the room succeeds in providing eye-popping color and brings life to any Star Wars fans visual daydream.

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