Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Fever

Valentine's decorations are put away and it's time to get a head start on Spring. Although my allergies would beg to differ, I do treasure the sign of spring in the air. Pastel colors make spaces bright and refreshing. Our human instinct is to crave nature and although I usually don't last longer than 20 minutes in fresh air before I start craving the comforts of being indoors, I enjoy nothing more that the site of freshly bloomed flowers. With, "The Secret Garden," by Frances Hodgson Burnett being my all time favorite novel, it is no surprise that incorporating florals in my spring decor seemed like a no brainer. This year, I felt the need to introduce yellow into my color pallet given that it is the color of the sun and just screams Spring. I envision bright and sunny days in my future and what better way to produce a warming affect than the color which arouses cheerfulness, joy, and positive energy into a room. The color combination of green and yellow stimulates pleasant feelings and stimulates mental activity conveying a clean and fresh space. Flowers alone appear to be a wonderful addition to my spring decor.


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