Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A True Fairytale

Every little girls dream of becoming a princess was finally a reality for one Kate Middleton. The dress, the shoes, the flowers...the world was all waiting in suspense of every detail of this true fairytale story. My obsession with Prince Williams and the future Princess, now titled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was fairly recent. The buzz of the wedding has been plastered on billboards, magazines, and blogs everywhere. Someone seriously had to live in a rock if they were not aware of the Royal Wedding. Traveling thousands of miles to London would be the ideal location to partake in this celebration, however hosting a Royal Watch Party seemed to be the most accessible goal. From the moment I watched Rory from Gilmore Girls throw a London Themed Party, I have always had a desire to throw one myself. I have never had a reason to throw a London themed party until now. The time difference caused some what a dilemma as the live wedding was airing at 5am central time. As a true OCD individual, I was awake at the crack of dawn patiently waiting for a glimpse of Kate's dress. Thank heavens for DVR, because even though I watched everything live, I was able to record the entire ceremony and playback for my delayed Royal Wedding Watch Party. From Kate and Williams face mask to our own London phone booth, I was definitely in the London spirit in the comfort of my own home. My favorite part of the watch party of course was creating my own custom fascinator since hats are a requirement for attending such a regal event. I wish nothing but happiness and joy for this truly in love couple. The world not only witnessed a fairytale story, but we all became an eyewitness of one girls dream of becoming a princess come to life.

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