Saturday, July 3, 2010

Casino Royale

After watching the James Bond flick, I was inspired to throw my husband a fabulous Casino Royale themed birthday because ironically his birthday was 7-7-7, July 7, 2007. My imagination quickly bombarded my thoughts day and night. I constantly thought of all the ways I could include the Casino theme in an upscale birthday extravaganza. First on my list was the unique invitation design which included Kenneth, as the King of hearts with a dashing poker face and a winning poker hand, I will have to admit, I am only lucky wife.

The details on this event are almost endless, so to keep from having to write a novel, I will just touch base on a few of my favorites. Guests were welcomed to a red carpet and a photo opportunity with the guest of honor. The backdrop of course was the casino-inspired collection of party favors and prize winning gifts for our game players. Black tie was requested for the event and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to let their hair down,slip on some stilettos and recreate the feeling of high school prom all over again.

We did have poker dealers on hand for guests to try there skills at winning a hand in a few card games. Our delectable menu was displayed in fabulous over sized drinking glasses and constant hints of spades and diamonds surrounded every corner to keep the James Bond atmosphere afloat. Keep in mind, I'm not a profession photographer, and party planning had not been a profession at the time of this event, but these
   pictures capture my attention to detail and passion for coordinating an event.

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